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Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

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A note about the tabs

Want to play John Cale? Here are a few guitar tabs.

These tabs are not official, but are provided here solely as reference.

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The tabs

VU tabs

Songs For Drella sheet music

Sheet Music?

Cale scores are pretty rare. With a bit of luck you can still find the sheet music for the Songs for Drella album.

A few nice people drafted some homemade sheet music.

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Ziggy Bell, Vincent Cariven, José Duarte, fact 1000, Fox, Pierre-Julien Grizel, Killer83Z, Danny Lloyd, Martijn Soenen, Einar Stenseng, Henk Stolker, Bert Timmermans, Dan Whitworth and Gaal Yahas for mailing me and/or posting the tabs on the John Cale mailinglist.

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