John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend

John Cale Tabs

Antarctica Starts Here

Tabbed by: Bert Timmermans <>

John Cale
Album: Paris 1919 (1973)
Key: F Major (1 flat)

It's the subtle change of the bass notes that does it in this one: chords are repeated, but with different bass notes, giving the song its clustered and subtly shifting feeling. Chord symbols are repeated if it's a whole bar, noted once if it's half a bar (so two beats per symbol). If half a bar contains two chords, there's a "-" between them. Just prior to the instrumental break you've got this sublime chord (C9-C11), which really lifts the whole thing up!

Intro : / Fma7 Fma7 / Bb6 Bb6 / Fma7 Fma7 / Bb6 Bb6 /

    Fma7           Fma7
The paranoid great movie queen
     Bb6        Bb6
Sits idly fully armed
    Fma7          Fma7
The powder and mascara there
  Bb6               Bb6
A warning light for charm
   Bb(ma7)6      F/A         [the (ma7) is when you include the vocal line]
We see her every movie night
    Gm                 F
The strong against the weak
    Bb6                F/A
The lines come out and struggle with
    Gm               C
The empty voice that speaks
       Gm     Gm       Fma7  Fma7
- that spea-ea---ea-ea-eaks

/ Bb6 Bb6 /

    Fma7          Fma7
Her heart is o so tired now
   Bb(ma7)6        Bb6
Of kindnesses gone by
     Fma7           Fma7
Like broken glasses in a drain
     Bb6               Bb6
Gone down but not well spent
    Bb(ma7)6       F/A        [see above]
The road from Barbary to here
    Gm                    F
She sold then stole right back
    Bb6       F/A
The vanity, insanity
    Gm              C
Her hungry heart forgave

    Bb/D                F/C          [bass line follows the vocal melody]
The fading bride's dull beauty grows
     Bb(ma7)       F/A  [...and leaves it again: (ma7) with the vocal]
Just begging to be seen
  Gm7             Gm              
Beneath the magic lights that reach
     C9 - C11   F         [C in bass + Bb-D-G (C9); + Bb-D-F (C11)]
From Barbary to here

Instrumental: first half / C C / Dm-C F / C C / Dm-C F /
             second half / F F / Gm Gm / Bb Bb / C C /

    Bb/D                 F/C         [see note above]
Her schoolhouse mind has windows now
      Bb(ma7)6           F/A          [see note above]
Where handsome creatures come to watch
    Gm6         Gm6
The anaesthetic wearing off
  Gm6             Edim   Edim
Antarctica starts here

© 1999- Hans Werksman