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Samplers, soundtracks and tribute albums

Cale's songs have been included on various samplers, soundtracks and tribute albums.

Some of these albums contain otherwise unavailable tracks or live versions. Various tracks have only been released as B-sides or as extra tracks on CD-singles. Don't be surprised when you find them on bootlegs.

Big White Cloud
A re-recorded version (longer and with echo effects) of this song on the Smokin' Aces soundtrack (2007). Also included on the DVD of Circus Live.

On the Bob Stanley And Pete Wiggs Present English Weather compilation (2017).

I Keep A) Close Watch
Studio version on Sonar 1000, a 3CD set compiled by Radio 1 (Belgium) (2011). Also included I Can't Stand It by The Velvet Underground.

Unplugged live version recorded on August 5, 1996 on the Dutch compilation album Het beste uit 10 jaar 2 Meter Sessies (1997).

Studio version on the When The Day Is Done - The Orchestrations Of Robert Kirby compilation (2018).

Unplugged version on Rare On Air Vol. 1 - KCRW Live Performances (1994).

Album version on Compounds And Elements (2006)<.

Translation of the poem La Aurora on Federico Garcìa Lorca - De Granada a la Luna (1998).

Dead Or Alive
Album version Included on the Belgian 2CD Radio 1 Classics Volume 1 (2010).

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Live version from Fragments Of A Rainy Season)on Compounds And Elements (2006).

Dying On The Vine
On a double CD 10 Percent dedicated to the American cultwriter William S. Burroughs (1996).

Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
The final song of four tracks Cale recorded at May 1, 1975 during a studio session in London for the long running BBC program hosted by John Peel. It is released on the 4CD box set Kats Caravan - The History of John Peel on the Radio (2009).

Graham Greene
Released on the Dutch 2LP Literaluisterplaat (1976).

Grandfather's House
Released on the One Word single (1990). The maxi single version also contains the track Palanquin.

Cover of Leonard Cohen on I Am Your Fan tribute album (1991). The maxi single features the Cale/Cohen track Queen Victoria (a.k.a. The Queen and Me).
Hallelujah also included on the soundtrack of Basquiat (1996) and the soundtrack of Scrubs (2002)

Heartbreak Hotel
Cale's version is included on the Elvis Presley tribute album Always On Our Mind, released in Australia by GAB Disc (1992).

I Wanna Be Around
On Small World Big Band album by Jools Holland (2001).

Jn A Flood
On the Uncut CD Uncut Presents The Year's Essential Music: 2005 of the December issue (2005).

In Memoriam John Cage - Call Waiting
On Chance Operation album, a tribute to John Cage (1993). It consists of seven short pieces with the sound of a telephone trying to establish a connection.

Jack The Ripper
Shelved single was released on the I.R.S. sampler These People Are Nuts! (1989). Also released on the Seducing Down The Door compilation in 1994..

Leaving It Up To You
On the Uncut CD 20th Century Noise - A Millennial Soundtrack of the January issue (2000).

Letter From Abroad
On the High Fidelity Reference CD No. 77, that came with the Danish/Swedish magazine High Fidelity (2005).

The Long Voyage
Duet with Suzanne Vega on the Hector Zazou album Songs From the Cold Seas (1995).

The Moon
Reads this poem on Kerouac - Kicks Joy Darkness (1997).

Mr. Sparrow
Contributes this new track to For The Birds: The Birdsong Project Volume III (2022).

Paris 1919
Acoustic version on In Their Own Words, Vol. 2 album (1994), recorded live at the Bottom Line, New York, March 24, 1994.

Live version on KGSR Broadcasts, Vol. 13 album (2005).

Pablo Picasso
On on the Phil Collins 4CD box set Plays Well with Others (2018).

On the Coast to Coast cover mount CD with the July 2024 issue of music magazine Uncut (2024).

She Doesn't Live Here Anymore
On the Por Vida: A Tribute To The Songs Of Alejandro Escovedo album (2004).

Shuffling Down To Woodbridge
Released on the Ring Of Fire/Shuffling Down To Woodbridge promo single. Ring Of Fire is a Brian Eno track (1990).

Spinning Away
On Disconnect, a compilation album put together by UK DJ Leo Zero ( (2010)<.

Spinning Away
On the Original Soundtrack for the Gary Hustwit documentary about Brian Eno .

The Sleeper
Released on One Pound Ninety-Nine LP - A Sampler of the State of Things. Beggars Banquet BBB 1 UK Sampler (1986).

So Long, Marianne
Duet with Suzanne Vega on the folk tribute album Bleecker Street-Greenwich Village (1999).

So Much For Love
The sampler Open All Night: In The City contains one Cale track: So Much For Love from the Walking on Locusts album. Released on Rhino (R2 79993) (2001).

Instrumental outtake from the recording sessions for The Academy In Peril on released on the promotional 2LP compilation Warner Bros. Records Troublemakers as as part of the label's Mail order only promotional Loss Leaders series (1980). The instrumental is also released on the Seducing Down The Door compilation in 1994.

Waiting For My Man
The sampler album Las Botas Draciosas Marchan Sobre Polonia contains an excellent live version of this track, with Chris Spedding on guitar (1975).

You Know More Than I Know
Live version on Medium Rare, 10th anniversary sampler of the Rykodisc label (1993). Also on the More Fragments EP (see Fragments Of A Rainy Season).

I Am Your Fan

Chance Operation

Songs From The Cold Seas

Uncut Presents The Year's Essential Music: 2005

gh Fidelity Reference CD No. 77

Compounds and Elements

Kats Caravan - The history of John Peel on the radio

Radio 1 Classics Volume 1

Leo Zero - Disconnect

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