John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend

John Cale Tabs

Captain Hook

Tabbed by: Bert Timmermans <>

John Cale
Album: Sabotage/Live (1979)
Key: G minor (2 flats)

Intro/solo : just fiddle around a bit in G minor scale.
The actual song starts at about 3'40:

Intro : sequence / Gm / F / Eb / D / 

played 12 times with guitar solo & female voice.

Verse : sequence / Gm / F / Eb / D / is continued throughout verse 1 & 2 (at 5'10)

Gm          F         Eb    D
        I lost my memory today
      Gm             F          Eb    D
        They took my ships and sail
      Gm         F         Eb    D
        Atlantic seaborne beast        to
      Gm    F     Eb    D
      Gm      F      Eb    D
          The seven seas
      Gm           F     Eb    D
        East India company
      Gm         F             Eb              D
        Past the Cape of Good Hope, but there's no hope for
      Gm    F     Eb    D


[/ Cm / Dm ]x3 / Bb / Bb/Ab / Eb / Dm/A /

each chord held over 2 bars

Cm             Cm          Dm         Dm
        I can't keep living like this no more
      Cm             Cm          Dm    Dm
        I can't keep living like this
      Cm             Cm          Dm         Dm
        I can't keep living like this no more
      Bb     Bb         Bb/Ab     Bb/Ab
        Oh - can't you see you're losing
      Eb    Eb    Dm/A  Dm/A
     me          agai------n.

After 2 additional silent bars, the sequence / Gm / F / Eb / D / is repeated 4 times, before John starts the 3rd/4th verse (progressively more prominent bass):

	Tried to break India's back
	But she broke the back of me
	It was a painful sight, at
	least to me.
	I see the ghost is riding down
	The ghost of India Supreme (coast?)
	Under the seven seas I hear the gallo-ping.

Cutting to the bridge, then cutting to the basic sequence with guitarsolo & female voice; it ends with John screaming above this sequence:

Gm         F          Eb              D          
              By hook or by crook, I am the captain of this
      Gm         F
      flight. By hook...

And the last time "the captain of (Gm) life" - & fade out.

[note: each chord symbol represents one bar, hence the doubles]

© 1999- Hans Werksman