John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend

John Cale Tabs


Tabbed by: Killer83Z <>

John Cale
Album: HoboSapiens (2003)
Performed regularly on the 2001 solo tour and European 2003 tour (w/ band)
Key: G Major

G  Am7 (Am7 can be played like a G4/D xx0013)

G                Am7
Elsewhere in the temple
    G                  Am7
the llamas are gearing up
   G             Am7
To assault tiger mountain
         G              Am7
when the sun comes up

Deconstructing Hollywood
into the sand
Putting it back together
with a rubber band
Legendary failures
of the silver screen
Mimicking the software
they end up in


G  Am7    G         Am7
Doing it, doing the things
G  Am7    G         Am7
Doing it, doing the things
    C                D                  G
The things you do in Denver when you're dead

A month is a saturday
wednesday is a week
I saw the way you looked at her
Charlie Brown good grief
She pulled you into shadows
and taught you how to love
Patted you on the head
and gave you a shove


We sat around whispering
in the candlelight
Missing the essentials
of a game plan for the night
Learning about the difference
between north and south
Keep your gun in your pocket
and your tongue in your mouth


The sexual exuberance of a concubine
She's checking my carburettor
one more time
With the passion of a thoroughbred
and the sensitivity of a moose
I never make a move unless
I got some proof that I've been


You live in Paris I live in France
Things are expensive when you live 1st class
I learnt latin you learnt greek
            C                          D
When you've got a minute we'll meet in Crete

© 1999- Hans Werksman