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Call me Hans Werksman, 'cause that's my name.

I am a Dutch music freak, who happens to like the music of John Cale a lot. I got my first taste about 38 years ago at a friend's house whose mother happened to own the first Velvet Underground album. When the record got to the Black Angel's Death Song I was blown away by the hissing noises. That was Cale hissing. The next day I bought the album my self, and I never looked back.

I own nearly all the stuff that John Cale has released over the years. Collecting bootlegs, promos and other evasive products has become a lot easier since the net connected everything.

My guess is that I have seen John Cale perform live more than 150 times since 1980.

Here Comes The Flood

More music

As I mentioned before: I am into music big time. Read more about my musical likes (and dislikes) on my blog:

Note: I also use the blog for the latest news about John Cale, which sends its updates automagically to the John Cale Twitter. Occasional updates also appear on Facebook.

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I am married to a lovely woman and the proud father of an amazing boy and a real cool girl. And there is a cat about, who doesn't give a fuck, like all decent cats. Oh, and I build websites for money.

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