John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend

John Cale Tabs

Hedda Gabler

John Cale
Album: Animal Justice (1977)
Key: F Major (?)

Tabbed by: Bert Timmermans <>

Intro : / F / Eb / F / Eb / F / Eb / F / Eb /

Verse: sequence / F / Eb / is continued throughout the verses 1 & 2

F     Eb     F                Eb
      Hedda Gabler had a very funny face
      F        Eb       F                  Eb
      Tired of waiting, tired of the human race

      F     Eb    F     Eb

      F        Eb      F                   Eb
        Like a brother sitting in the library
      F                  Eb        F                      Eb
        Reading how dear Adolf was going to save Old Germany

Chorus : / Eb / Gm / Gm / Cm /

      Eb    Gm     Gm                     Cm
      Hedda Gabler she'll go down in history
      Eb    Gm     Gm                 Cm
      Hedda Gabler dawning on her misery

      F     Eb    F     Eb
      F     Eb    F     Eb

Then to the verse 3 :

Like a mother married to the bankmanager
      She took the money, hung him in the closet for fun

and chorus, which is followed by the guitarsolo repeating the basic F/Eb scheme. The chorus is then repeated, followed by the repeating of the notes G-A-B, while the chords gradually change. I haven't figured out how yet (all sorts of harmonies going on). It is finally changed into:

C     C/B   C/Bb        F/A
      Sleep Sleep Sleep Hedda Gabler...     (sung several times)

(maybe it's C C/B A F, but it's difficult to hear with all the harmonies & the bent notes of the Moog synth)

and fade out.

[note: each chord symbol represents one bar, hence the doubles]

© 1999- Hans Werksman