John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend

John Cale Tabs

Child's Christmas in Wales

Tabbed by: Danny Lloyd <>

John Cale
Album: Paris 1919 (1973)

E       D       E         D       G

  G            D  C                   D
With    mistletoe   and   candle   green
 G              D                      C        D
To       Halloween         we         go
  G           D      C                D
Ten murdered oranges, bled on board ship
  G            D                     C          D
Lend       comedy        to        shame

       F#m                       E
The   cattle   graze    bolt   uprightly
   F#m                               E
Seducing       down       the       dawn
     F#m                    E
To   saddle  swords  and  meeting  place
        D                              C
We     have     no     place    to    go

  G         D  C                    D
Then  wearily   the   footsteps   walked
  G            D           C          D
The      hallelujah      crowds
  G            D     C                D
Too late but wait,  the long legged gait
  G                  D        C       D
Tripped      uselessly      around.

   F#m                   E
Sebastopol         Adrianapolis
         F#m                       E
The    prayers    of    all    combined
        F#m                    E
Take   down   the  flags  of  ownership
        D                           C
The    walls     are    falling    down

A       belt       to       hold
   E                 F#m            E
Columbus  too,    perimeters  of  nails
    F#m                     E
Perceived   the  Mamma's  golden  touch
          F#m          D             E   D   E   D   G
Good    neighbours    were    we    all

© 1999- Hans Werksman