John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

New York in the 60s

Theater of Eternal Music

Creating the drone

"I like it here in New York. I like the idea of having to keep eyes in the back of your head."

After Cale moved to New York on a Leonard Bernstein scholarship in 1963, he joined La Monte Young's avant-garde group The Theatre of Eternal Music.

This type of music was based on the drone: holding on to the note and keeping it there for hours at the time.

Of one the groups fases, known as The Dream Syndicate, tapes have circulating for decades.

After much hassle, CD's are being released on the The Table of the Elements label of the former group member Tony Conrad:

NY 60s box set

The series is also available as a 3CD / 5lp box set:

Other records of interest:

Cale plays on two Jack Smith records:

Cale plays on an album collecting Angus MacLise recordings:

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