John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend

John Cale Tabs

Nobody But You

Tabbed by: Henk Stolker <>

John Cale & Lou Reed
Album: Songs for Drella (1990)

| | = 1 bar
|....| = 1 bar, 4 counts


          A                              D
I really care a lot although I look like I do not

      E                              A
Since I was shot there's nobody but you

          A                                 D
I know I look blase, party Andy's what the papers say

                   E                                A
At dinner I'm the one who pays - for a nobody like you

              A                D
Nobody but you, a nobody like you

      E                               A
Since I got shot there's nobody like you

Won't you decorate my house

I'll sit there quiet as a mouse

               E                                    A
You know me I like to look a lot - at nobody but you

I'll hold your hand and slap my face

I'll tickle you to your disgrace

                        E                            A
Won't you put me in my proper place - a nobody like you

Sundays I pray a lot, I'd like to wind you up
and paint your clock
I want to be what I am not - for a nobody like you
The bullet split my spleen and lung, the doctors said I was gone
Inside I've got some shattered bone for nobody but you

I'm still not sure I didn't die
And if I'm dreaming I still have bad pains inside
I know I'll never be a bride - to nobody like you
I wish I had a stronger chin, my skin was good, my nose was thin
This is no movie I'd ask to be in - with a nobody like you

             A                  D
Nobody like you, a nobody like you,

 E           (no chord)
all my life, it's been nobodies like you

© 1999- Hans Werksman