John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend

John Cale Tabs

(I Keep A) Close Watch

Tabbed by: Bert Timmermans <>

John Cale
Album: Music For A New Society (1982)
Key: Eb Major (3 flats)

Verse : / Eb / Dm / Cm / Gm /, each chord held over 2 bars

      Eb      Eb            Dm
        Never win and never lose
              Dm              Cm
      There's nothing much to choose
        Cm                  Gm     Gm
      Between the right and wrong.
      Eb        Eb               Dm
        Nothing lost and nothing gained
            Dm                      Cm
      Still things aren't quite the same
      Cm               Gm     Gm
       'tween you and me.

Chorus : / Bb / F/A / Ab9 / Ab9 /
[Ab9 is Ab with note Bb added - best results when right hand plays just the 3 flatted notes Eb-Ab-Bb - it gives the 'cold' feeling of the song]

      Bb         F/A                 Ab9           Ab9
        I keep a close watch on this heart of mine        
		-play 2 times
      Eb    Eb    F     F*                                
	  -play 2 times as well

*starting the second F-bar, Cale does a 4-note arpeggio :


Then to verses 3 & 4:

      I still hear your voice at night
      When I turn out the light
      And try to settle down.
      But there's nothing I can do
      'Cause I can't live without you
      Any way at all.

Followed by the chorus, repeated 3 times. They're not followed by instrumental bars with arpeggios; instead, John ends in:

/ Eb/G / Eb/G / F7(addG) / F7(addG)
/ Ab(addG) / Ab(addG) / Eb / Eb /

- make sure you add the G (4thG), since it drags the sequence to the final chord.

[note: each chord symbol represents one bar, hence the doubles]

© 1999- Hans Werksman