John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend

John Cale Tabs

Ghost Story

Tabbed by: Danny Lloyd <>

John Cale
Album: Vintage Violence (1970)

           Am                    G
It  was  seven  o'clock in the morning
       Am                            G
Too   late    to    handle   the   day
      Am                          G
At   home  it   was  only  two  thirty
      Am                            G
The  skin on  my wrists  turning  grey

   F            C
Stood   up,   wished   us   good  luck
        F                          C
He   changed   his   attitudes   twice
     F                   C
The box in the corner shivered in fear
          Dm7                      Em
He  was  tired  and  hungry  for  days.

     Am                           G
The next year she bought a new stomach
         Am                        G
From   Liverpool   made   in   Detroit
  Am                             G
Constantly    passing   old    matches
          Am                     G
Some    sentries   and    millionaires

  F                    C
Who     did?         Gallagher     did
        F                          C
The    same   old  thing   every  time
  F               C
Gave     up,     more    empty    cups
            Dm7                   Em
They were  tired and hungry for nights.

       Am                        G
It    made   life   a   little  easier
              Am                    G
To   have   Holland   on    the    run
    Am                          G
It didn't take that long to forget her
 Am                                 G
My    old    man    and     his    gun

  F                      C
Rushed      out,       lions     about
   F                               C
Wasting        away         unadvised
      F                    C
A  hundred  and   three,  400  or more
       Dm7                            Em
It'll haunt you for the rest of your life

© 1999- Hans Werksman