John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend

John Cale Tabs

Cable Hogue

Tabbed by: Danny Lloyd <>

John Cale
Album: Helen Of Troy (1975)
  Am                         C       Am        C
Traffic  moving   slowly   Monday  morning
  Am                      C          Am        C
Money       talks   -    people     hoping
  F                                     C
Cable     Hogue     where     you     been?
  Dm                                    Am    C
Am    C
Cable     Hogue     where     you     been?

  Am                  C   Am                 C
Something  tells  me,    you  wonít  show
   Am                 C   Am                 C
Though you carry heat,    God  only knows
   F             C
Cable, Cable -  why   did  you  leave  me?
   Dm                                  Am     C
Am    C
Cable    Hogue    where     you     been?

                F                      C
I     just    wanted    to  say   goodbye
  F                          C
Wanted    so    much    to  say   goodbye
    Dm                                Em
Wanted       to      say     goodbye    ≠
 Am               C
Am           C
-      in       case        I         die

  Am                                     C
Need      to      go      to      Georgia
  Am                                     C
Got      a       bank       to       blow
Yeah    well     living    ainít    easy,
But  itís  much  harder  when  itís  slow

  F                          C
Cable  ≠  I  wish you  were with  me  now
  F                         C
Cable  ≠  you   know,  I   love  you   so
    Dm                        Em
You know theyíre looking for you down south
And  all you  gotta  do  is  go down  there
And    open    your    big    fat     mouth.

  F                      C
Cable,   Cable    ≠    where   you    been?
  F                           C
Cable  ≠   you    know   I   love  you   so

[A loose interpretation of another Cale classic
to be played with passion and spontaneity]

For the novices amongst us ≠ try this strumming
pattern at the start:-

   v   v   v   v ^ v   v   v ^ v   v   v   %
Am -   -   -   - - -   -   C - -   Am  -   -
v=downstroke   ^=upstroke

© 1999- Hans Werksman