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Fear Is A Man's Best Friend

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Don't Know Why She Came

John Cale
Album: Even Cowgirls Get The Blues (recorded 1979) and various bootlegs
Key: F Major (1 flat)

Tabbed by: Bert Timmermans <>

Verse : I think the right sequence is / F / Gm/F / Bb/F / F / Dm / Dm / C / C /, keeping F in the bass throughout the first 4 chords, though I'm not sure about Bb/F.

F           Gm/F   Bb/F            F
Turn on the radio, all I can do is cry
Dm                   Dm              C     C
Hearing you sing the same old songs again.
F               Gm/F            Bb/F            F
People come and people go, it's all the same to me
Dm             Dm           C     C
  How come the memory still hurts?

Dm   Dm   C   C

Then to verse 3 & 4 (+ drums):

      If I lost a word there that night a long time ago
      It's 'cause I didn't write them down.
      You can go against the war, make me feel at ease
      Just tell me everything's all right.

Chorus : you're in C from the verse, then [/ Dm / C ]x2 / Dm / Dm / C / C /

         Dm                 C
'Cause I don't know why she came
Dm                 C
Don't know why she came
Dm                 Dm                C     C
Don't know why she came down here at all.

Then to verse 5 & 6. And cut to 2x chorus.

Bridge : / Eb.? / Bb / F.? / Bb /
(the .? is the transitional chord by the guitar)

Eb.?       Bb
Hold on to nothing
F.?       Bb
Hold on tight

this 4-chord sequence is repeated 3 times over the next lines:

Hold on to nothing
Hold - tight
Live in the darkness
When (......?)
Just 'cause you're nothing
Turned insane

And cut to 2x chorus, then to bridge sequence with guitar solo (2x).

[note: each chord symbol represents one bar, hence the doubles]

© 1999- Hans Werksman