John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend

John Cale Tabs


Tabbed by: Ziggy Bell <>

John Cale
Album: 5 Tracks (2003)
Key: C minor 4/4 Time

INTRO :- Cm7 - - - Gm7 (x2)

llCm7                        Gm7
As I was trying to show you, About the Golden Rule,
llllCm7                                 Gm7
And what the verses taught you, Turned invisible under the moon,
Cm7                         Gm7  
Gambling on the weather, To keep the fever down,
lllllCm6/C       Cm6/Eb
It's down, down, down.

lllllllllCm7                  Gm7   
When you wander up behind me, Stepping on my throat,
lllllllCm7                     Gm7
You're in among the shadows, I warned you about,
Cm7                          Gm7
Comfortably measured, By the standards that you set,
Cm6/C                 Cm6/Eb
Apart from the Golden Rule.

[Wordless 9 bar chorus, female voice]
[Key change to E minor All chords 2 beats except ending Am and B that are 4 beats]

llllllEm     Em           Em     B7
Lala  La la  la,    Lala  La la  la,
llllllEm     Em           Am    Em
Lala  La la  la,          La la la,
llllllEm     Em           Em   Em7      
Lala  La la  la,          La   la la  
Am           Em           Am(x4)        B(x4)
La  lala     La  lala     La     la     La

[Key C minor]

llllCm7                 Gm7
The century is opening, You're the next in line,
llllCm7                           Gm7
You stand there and accept it, So fine, so fine,
llCm7                             Gm7 
I miss you when I'm with you, And claw the air with breath,
iiiiiCm6/C                 Cm6/Eb
It's time, this time, it's time.

[Wordless 8 bar chorus, female voice]

Gm                            Cm6            
Lalala la la,  Lalala la la,  Lalala la la,  Lalala la la,
Gm                            Cm6            
Lalala la la,  Lalala la la,  Lalala la la,  Lalala la la,
Cm6/Eb                        Cm6/D          
Lalala la la,  Laaaaaaaaaaa,  Lalala la la,  Laaaaaaaaaaa,
A7/C#                         A7/C#            

(Filtered 8 bar vocal by Cale, w/ trademark screaming)

D              D               D   D7/C             G/B

D              D               D   D7/C             G/B

[Key C minor 4/4 Time]

 Cm7                     Gm7                           
Soulfood from the city, It's from another age,
llllCm7                             Gm7
The scribbling in your notebook, Is soaking with rain,
Cm7                            Gm7 
Stumbling on the cobblestones, Mixing with the crowd,
llllllllCm6/C               Cm6/Eb
Another verse in the golden rule.

[wordless chorus, repeat to fade]

Em (x3) - - - - B (x1)

© 1999- Hans Werksman