John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend

John Cale Tabs

Open House

Tabbed by: Henk Stolker <>

John Cale & Lou Reed
Album: Songs for Drella (1990)

| | = 1 bar
|....| = 1 bar, 4 counts

| D | G | D | Bm


| D                                    | G                      | D | Bm
   Come over to 81st street I'm in the apartment above the bar

   | D                                          | G
You know you can't miss it, it's across from the subway

                            | D              | Bm
and the tacky store with the Mylar scarves

  | D
My skin's as pale as outdoors moon

| G                               | D | G
  My hair's silver like a Tiffany watch

      | D                                | G
I like lots of people around me but don't kiss hello

                | D     | Bm
And please don't touch

| A                               | A
  It's a Czechoslovakian custom my mother passed on to me

| G                                          | G
  The way to make friends Andy is invite them up for tea

           | D | G             | D | G |
Open house          open house

I've got a lot of cats, here's my favorite
She's lady called Sam
I made a paper doll of her - you can have it
That's what I did when I had St.Vitus dance
It's a Czechoslovakian custom my mother pased on to me
Give people little presents so they remember me
Open house, open house

Someone bring the vegetables, someone please bring heat
My mother showed up yesterday, we need something to eat
I think I got a job today they want me to draw shoes
The ones I drew were old and used
They told me - draw something new
Open house, open house

Fly me to the moon, fly me to a star
But there are no stars in the New York sky
They're all on the ground
You scared yourself with music, I scared myself with paint
It almost made me faint
Open house, open house

© 1999- Hans Werksman