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No single ever released can be qualified as a hit single.

"A cult figure is a guy who hasn't got the ability to make the charts"

Note: Record companies often put out feelers for an album. If a track picks up considerable airplay (see promo stuff) a regular release will follow. Nowadays singles are a rarity, the record companies prefer offering them as digital downloads.

Unreleased singles
At least two singles were never released, but there are some test pressings floating around:

Cleo / Fairweather Friend
7 inch 45rpm single. July 1970
Columbia 4-45154, USA

Big White Cloud / Gideon's Bible
7 inch 45rpm single. 1970
Columbia 4-45266, USA

A re-recorded version (longer and with echo effects) of Big White Cloud features on the Smokin' Aces soundtrack. Made available as an electronic download in January 2007. Also included on the DVD of Circus Live.

Dixieland And Dixie / The Biggest, Hairiest, Loudest Band Of All
7 inch 45rpm single
CBS, 1971/2

Note: never released. Tracks recorded to fulfill an obligation to CBS
Dixieland And Dixie is included on the Seducing Down The Door compilation. A live version of The Biggest, Hairiest, Loudest Band Of All can be found on Bataclan 1972.

Days of Steam

Days of Steam / Legs Larry At The Television Centre
7 inch 45rpm single. 1972
Reprise RO.118, New Zealand

The Man Who Couldn't Afford To Orgy / Sylvia Said
7 inch 45rpm single. 1974
Island WIP 6202, UK

Animal Justice

Animal Justice EP
7 and 12 inch 45rpm single. September 1977.
Tracks: Memphis, Chickenshit and Hedda Gabler
Illegal IL 003, UK

Note: re-released as bonus tracks of the Sabotage/Live album.

Jack The Ripper In The Moulin Rouge / Memphis (Instrumental) 7 inch 45rpm single. 1977
Test pressing only, Illegal IL 006, UK

Disco Clone (English version) / Disco Clone (French version)
12 inch. 1978
Limited edition of 1500 copies

Ze Records ZE-001, USA

Note: Cale is listed as producer, though he doesn't remember doing it.

single mercenaries

7 inch / 12 inch 45rpm single. January 1980.
Tracks: Mercenaries (Ready For War) and Rosegarden Funeral of Sores.

SPY 001, USA

Note: this studio version of Mercenaries was never officially released on an album. The master is lost. A live version can be found on the Sabotage/Live album.

Dead Or Alive (Netherlands)

Dead Or Alive / Honi Soit
7 inch 45rpm single.
Three different versions of this single:
A&M AMS 9134, Netherlands, 1981 (Picture sleeve)
A&M AMS 8130, UK, May 1981
A&M 2329-S (Red label in company sleeve)

Close Watch / Close Watch
7 inch 45rpm single. 1982/1983

Contains the Helen 0f Troy and Music For A New Society version
SE/Island 104.876, Germany (1982)
Ze IS 113, UK (1983)

Close Watch / Changes Made
7 inch 45rpm single. Germany 1982.

Villa Albani

Villa Albani
12 inch. 1984.
Three tracks: Villa Albani / Villa Albani (instrumental) / Hungry For Love
Ze/Island 601 267-213, Germany

Ooh la la

Ooh La La / Magazines
7 inch 45rpm single. September 1984.

Ze IS 197, UK

Dying On The Vine

Dying On The Vine / Everytime The Dogs Bark
7 inch 45rpm single. July 1985.
Beggars Banquet 145, UK 12 inch. July 1985.
Beggars Banquet 145t, UK

Satellite Walk

Satellite Walk
12 inch. 1985.
A remix by Carl Beatty - at Sigma Sound, NYC - of the track Satellite Walk was released as a 12 inch in Germany and the UK, with Dying On The Vine and the otherwise unavailable instrumental track Crash Course In Harmonics on the B-side.

Beggars Banquet 153T, UK
FünfUndVierzig 4517, Germany (1986)

Drella cdep

Nobody But You / Style It Takes / A Dream
CDEP. 1990.
Sire Records/Warner 7599-21555-2, Germany

One Word

Wrong Way Up singles etc.
The following 12 inches, cd singles and cdep's were released during the release of Wrong Way Up.

One Word / Grandfather's House / Palanquin
(w. Brian Eno)
12 inch. October 1990.
Land LANT 04, UK

One Word / Grandfather's House / Palanquin
(w. Brian Eno)
CDEP. October 1990.
Land LANH 04, UK

Spinning Away (Edit) / Grandfather's House / Palaquin
12 inch. 1990.
(w. Brian Eno)
Opal/Warner Bros. 7599-21826-0, Germany

Spinning Away (Edit) / Grandfather's House / Palaquin
CD maxi single inch. 1990.
(w. Brian Eno)
Opal/Warner Bros. 7599-21826, Germany

Spinning Away / Grandfather's House
(w. Brian Eno)
7 inch 45rpm single. 1990.
Picture sleeve
Opal/Warner Bros. 5439-19475-7, Germany

One Word / Empty Frame / You Don't Miss Your Water / One Word (The Woodbridge Mix) / Grandfather's House
(w. Brian Eno)
CDEP. 1991.
One Word is a 3:38 edited version. Empty Frame same as on the album version. You Don't Miss Your Water taken form the Eno album Married To The Mob. Grandfather's House previously unreleased.
Opal/Warner Bros. 9 40001-2, USA


CDEP. 1991.
Includes Leonard Cohen's original and John Cale's cover version. The Queen and Me (aka Queen Victoria) is an otherwise unavailable Cale/Cohen composition.
Columbia COL 657664 2, UK.

  1. Hallelujah
  2. Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)
  3. The Queen And Me

Booker T. cdep

Paris s'eveille
CDEP. December 1991.

Contains the full version (6:39) of Booker T. and the otherwise unavailable track L'Heritage Du Dragon. The Japanese editon of the album also has the full version.

Les Disques Du Crépuscule / Delabel / Virgin DE 035080, France.

The Long Voyage
CD single of the duet with Suzanne Vega
The Long Voyage (edit: 4:07) / The Long Voyage (5:32)
Columbia 1995.

Long Voyage CDEP

The song is also released in november 1995 on a CDEP (Columbia with seven different remixes:

  1. The Long Voyage Dub Mix - Mad Professor
  2. The Long Voyage Seashores Mares Del Sur Mix - Alexis Mauri
  3. The Long Voyage Tropical Train Mix - Lefdup & Lefdup
  4. The Long Voyage Jungle Mix - Mad Professor
  5. The Long Voyage Wildermaid Mix - Alexis Mauri
  6. The Long Voyage Meditation Mix - Loop John B
  7. The Long Voyage Mode d'Emploi Autopsy Mix - Gilles Martin & Hector Zazou
5 Tracks

5 Tracks
CDEP. May 2003.
EMI Capitol CDEM 621, UK.

  1. Verses
  2. Waiting for Blonde
  3. Chums of Dumpty (we all are)
  4. E Is Missing
  5. Wilderness Approaching (from the film Paris)

Cale Vs The Bees Vs Doctor Rockit
12" single.
EMI 12EMDJ 621 UK. 2003
A special 12" single with four remixes of tracks:

Bicycle 12"

Bicycle 12" with Look Horizon remix
12" single.
EMI 12EM 628 UK, 2003
A special 12" single. Bicycle is the same version as on HoboSapiens. The B side is Look Horizon (Zongamin Remix): Remix and Additional Production by Smukai @ House Of Zongamin For Burning Bridges Productions.


CD single. october 2003.

  1. Things
  2. Things X


August 2005
Only available as an electronic download.


CD single. october 2005
EMI. EM672, UK

  1. Perfect
  2. Reading My Mind (Paisley Sound Remix)

Reading My Mind (Paisley Sound Remix) taken from the Japanese edition of HoboSapiens.

January 2006
Only available as an electronic download.

Jumbo in tha Modernworld

Jumbo in tha Modernworld
June 2006
Available as an electronic download in 2006. Released as a bonus 7" single ( b/w GravelDrive (Blathamix) in february 2007 with the 3LP version of Circus Live.
The advance copy of this single includes the otherwise unavailable intrumental version.

Big White Cloud
January 2007
Available as an electronic download. Re-recorded version (longer and with echo effects) features on the Smokin' Aces soundtrack. Also included on the DVD of Circus Live and as a 7 inch 45rpm single with the 3 LP vinyl version of that album.

All My Friends
May 2007
DFA under license of EMI.
DFAEMI7 2169
Cover of LCD Soundsystem on a 7 inch 33 rpm single. Comes with a free poster.
Also available as an electronic download and a 12 inch DJ maxi (dfaemi 2169x).

Whaddya Mean By That

Whaddya Mean By That
July 2011
Domino Records
Available as an electronic download in 2011. Forerunner for the Extra Playful EP.

Extra Playful: Transitions 12"

Extra Playful: Transitions 12"
April 21, 2012
Domino Records
Special limited release on white vinyl for Record Store Day. Three remixes and two Cale inspired tracks.


A1. ‘Whaddya Mean By That’ – Maria Minvera's Freaky Cafe Del Mar Mix
A2. ‘Perfection’ – Actress Reflection Mix
A3. ‘Catastrofuk’ – Alva Noto Remodel
B1. ‘Watching & Waiting For You To Begin’ – Leyland Kirby
B2. ‘Suffocation Raga For John Cale’ – Tim Hecker

John Cale: I Wanna Talk 2

I Wanna Talk 2 U
July 6, 2012
Domino Records
Digital single.
Lead single from the Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood album, out on Double Six, a Domino Records imprint. The single is the result of a jam session with Danger Mouse.

Face to the Sky b/w Living With You (Organic Mix)

Face to the Sky b/w Living With You (Organic Mix)
August 29, 2012 (vinyl September 7)
Digital and 7" single. Two tracks, one of them a remix, from the new album Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood, out on Double Six, a Domino Records imprint.

Living With You

Living With You
February 25, 2013.
Domino Records
Digital single, Contains the Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood album version, the Organix remix and the Laurel Halo remix.

All Summer Long

All Summer Long
Aust 6, 2013.
Domino Records
Digital single

The All Summer Long single is released on August 6. It is available on iTunes, paired with Sandman (Flying Dutchman), the closing track from his 2012 studio album Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood.

Cale in Spin Magazine:

When writing for Shifty Adventures I noticed an apparent theme of claustrophobic darkness and so of course, I felt at home in that place. (..) There [was] a handful of songs unfinished. One in particular was me dreaming about a breeze, space and light. Recalling those early days in my sticky, sweltering NYC flat — how I'd heard summer from the West Coast — thinking how the California landscape informed a vibe that churned out Brian Wilson, Herb Alpert and that strange, sexy breeze in your ears. Since the album was predominantly located in the darker, eerie swamps of Nookie Wood, it seemed like the wrong place to put this song, but now, just feels right to let it out.

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