John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend

John Cale Tabs

Only Time Will Tell

Tabbed by: Dan Youmans

John Cale
Album: Sabotage/Live (1979)

All of the chords are basic except for this odd one, I will call it a Gmaj6(on B) - though since I silence the E it is no doubt wrongly labeled:
x 2 o o o x
This chord just requires you to hold the B on the A string, and strum down with the D,G, and B strings open.
The high E string is not essential, but it doesn't kill the song if you play it.

Other than that , just follow the chords. The one charming little flourish you should play, I denote it a (E,F,G) is, after the C chord is hit the first time in a verse, the low E string should be played with those ascending notes- following the bass.
Listen to the song and you will know what I mean - you then return to the C. The changes are obvious so I did not pain myself to make sure they are perfectly placed w/ lyrics.

Intro - Just mess around in C major - treat it like an oldies song (I really here his love of Beach Boys in this - play like it!)
Note that it contains the flourish in different spots.
C                  (E,F,G)
Only time will tell

If any mischief in our hearts

Gmaj6 (on B)          Aminor
Can cause the damage done

               F    Fminor
And put it right


Aminor    G         F and quick change to C
The gentle pain of falling rain

Aminor     G        F and a quick change to C
I'll hide behind to kill

Aminor     G        F 
Behind the frozen mask

and ask
Same for final verse as the others, and during the outro, just mess around with C major again. Final note, I bass the bridge chords on the bass notes, you add the flourishes and mess around with them.

© 1999- Hans Werksman