John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

Music with an edge

Unchartered waters

Latest release: Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood

Cale's music grows on you. One of his records was deemed as "chamber music for the homeless" As a musician he has explored the niches of noise as well as the commercial poppy sounds of the seventies. He doesn't snub hard rock, he explores the margins of minimal music. Nowadays he follows hiphop closely.

"I don't look over my shoulder. I focus on whatever I haven't been able to do before and strive for it. I remember what I didn't get done the last time I was recording and start there."

Ready to take a trip? Got your passport, had your shots and opened your mind?

NY 60s box set


After much hassle, the avant-garde music recorded in New York in the sixties has hit the shops. Not for the squeamish!

Being Cale: the covers

Cale songs have been covered dozens of times.

Nico - Desertshore

Producer: John Cale

The Stooges, the Happy Mondays, Siouxsie and other artists who had their records produced by John Cale.

Unreleased songs and soundtracks

One-offs, live stuff and other rarities that never made it to vinyl and/or cd.

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