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Songs For Drella sheet music

Scouting for scores

Want to play Cale? And you can read music? ... With a bit of luck you can still find the sheet music for the Songs for Drella album. Island Music Ltd London used to handle the distribition of scores and parts for Sanctus from the Paris s'eveille album. Otherwise, check this section.

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A note about the scores

They are not official, but are provided here as reference.

All scores are available for download in zip format. Use an expander like to unpack them.

Official scores?

Three scores, all taken from the Songs for Drella album, can be found at You can view the first page for free. You have to pay a small sum to get the whole thing.


Tracking down the sheetmusic for Eric Satie's Vexations, which Cale performed in 1963, shouldn't be difficult.

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