John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

Cale quiz

So you consider yourself to be a serious Cale buff. Yeah right. Take the test. More questions will be added on a regular basis. Any suggestions? Use the form.

1 Kevin Coyne was "the bugger in the short sleeves". Yes No
2 Andy Warhol once suggested to call an album John and Yoko. Yes No
3 Garland Jeffreys compared Cale with the White Rabbit. Yes No
4 The infamous chicken incident happened in England. Yes No
5 Lou Reed thinks that Cale is incredible. Yes No
6 Cale wrote the soundtrack of Sid and Nancy. Yes No
7 Cale claimed to be a flight surgeon once. Yes No
8 Cale plays on three Brian Eno albums. Yes No
9 Cale played his final gig with the Velvet Underground in 1969. Yes No
9 The June 1, 1974 concert was at the Rainbow in London. Yes No
11 Sterling Morrison performed on Eat/Kiss. Yes No
12 The Falklands Suite was performed for the first time in Amsterdam. Yes No
13 Cale produced Patti Smith's Radio Ethiopia. Yes No
14 Mr. Wilson is a tribute to Brian Wilson. Yes No
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