John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale


John Cale has made the headlines quite a few times.

Interviews on this site

Sabotage in Austin
Text by Margaret Moser
March/April 2004

The Poetics Project
Text by Ken Clark
June 2003

My 15 minutes
Interview by Jonathan Jones.
February 12, 2002 (The Guardian)

Death Row
Interview published in The Wire (issue 215)
January 2002

Nick Drake
Interview published in The Wire, 1996

No Introduction Necessary
Interview by Dave Thompson
(Alternative Press Magazine)

Pet Sounds
Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) about Paris 1919

Uncut interview 1999
Interview by Allan Jones

Rolling Stone Q&A
Interview by Al Wiesel.
Oct. 17, 1996 (Rolling Stone)

Question Time
Answers to questions of the official "Open House" fanclub (1994).

White Light White Heat
Interview by Bill Flanagan
(Musician, april 1989)

Bloodied but Unbowed
Interview by Scott Isler
(Musician, april 1989)

Royalty in Repose
Interview by Dan Whitworth
(AXCESS magazine)

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