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Style It Takes

John Cale & Lou Reed
Album: Songs for Drella (1990)
Key: C Major

Tabbed by: Bert Timmermans <>
Intro: / C / F / C / F /

Verse: [ C / F ]x2 / [ Am / Dm / G ]x2
C                      F
       You've got the money, I've got the time
      C                                 F
       You want your freedom, make your freedom mine
             Am                 Dm       G
      'Cause I've got the style it takes
          Am           Dm            G
      and money is all that it takes

      You've got connections and I've got the art
      You like my attention and I like your looks
      and I have the style it takes
      and you know the people it takes

Bridge 1: / G / F / G / G / G / F / G / G / G /

      G                  F                 G                         G
        Why don't you sit right over there, we'll do a movie portrait
      G                       F                 G
       I'll turn the camera on and I won't even be there
                      G                          G
      A portrait that moves, you look great I think

and to verses 3 to 5:

      I'll put the Empire State Building on your wall
      For 24 hours glowing on your wall
      Watch the sun rise above it in your room
      Wallpaper art, a great view
      I've got e Brillo box and I say it's art
      It's the same one you can buy at any supermarket
      'Cause I've got the style it takes
      and you've got the people it takes
      This is a rock group called The Velvet Underground
      I show movies on them, do you like their sound
      'Cause they have a style that grates
      and I have art to make

Bridge 2, one G-bar shorter that Bridge 1

G           F                 G     G
       Let's do a movie here next week
      G                                  F
       We don't have sound but you're so great
                              G    G
      You don't have to speak

Ending with sequence / C / C/E / F / Fm/Ab / 4 times, ending with a C-bar:

C               C/E        F   Fm/Ab
      You've got the style it takes (Kiss)
      You've got the style it takes (Eat)
      I've got the style it takes (Couch)
      We've got the style it takes (Kiss)

[note: each chord symbol represents one bar, hence the doubles]

© 1999- Hans Werksman