John Cale live in Bochum
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

Timeline: 1985

Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura

Produces Nico's Camera Obscura album. He also co-wrote and did a bit of vocals on the title track, sharing credits with Nico adn her band members James Young and Graham Dids. The whole album is recorded and mixed in three weeks. James Young, who played keyboards in her band in his book Nico - Song They Never Play On The Radio:

"Cale was clearly nuts, but it made a change to be working with somebody who had energy and who was both gifted and dedicated to his profession."
With his daughter Eden

Father Cale

On 14 July daughter Eden Myfanwy is born in Beth Israel Hospital, New York City. Celebrates with a bottle of wine and a gram of coke. After a month reality kicks in. He takes up squash.

The Jazz Butcher cover Leaving It Up to You

The Jazz Butcher record a version of Leaving It Up to You, released on vinyl with Abstract Magazine Issue 5.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Release of the Artificial Intelligence album.

Most of the lyrics on this album were written by the journalist Larry Sloman. An outtake of this album - She Never Took No For An Answer - appears on the Sid & Nancy soundtrack (1986).

"After I finished Camera Obscura, I went away for a couple of weeks, wrote some songs with counterculture journalist Larry Sloman, and came back and made Artificial Intelligence. That was a good way of working, very efficient. But Artificial Intelligence, my last pop album, didn't have much impact, I can't figure out why, because I liked that record. There were a lot of good ideas in it. We had three and a half weeks to complete it, which was ridiculous. We spent one week writing material amnd then we went into the studio and threw half of it out. Too many of my records were done like that. Give me five grand adn you can have the cassettes. I am a ham. but at the time I was very pleased with Artificial Intelligence because for a change there was more singing in there than screaming. Some of it has that psychotic element, but it's downplayed and it's more effective that way. Just sing the song, don't get excited, just take a little blue pill."
Satelitte Walk

Satellite Walk remix

A remix by Carl Beatty - at Sigma Sound, NYC - of the track Satellite Walk was released as a 12 inch in Germany and the UK, with Dying On The Vine and the otherwise unavailable instrumental track Crash Course In Harmonics on the B-side.

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