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Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

Timeline: 1999

What's Welsh For Zen

What's Welsh for Zen

Publishes his autobiography What's Welsh for Zen, co-written with Victor Bockris. The book is designed and illustrated by Dave McKean. He sends two copies to Lou Reed, adding a note that was discovered hwne Reed's archive was transferred to the New York Public Library in 2017:

Dear Lou,

Out of respect for our past (both glorious and inglorious) I have sent you under separate cover both the special edition and the book version of my autobiography. Please accept them in the spirit in which they were offered . . . I also hope it brings you, at the very least, a distant smile of amusement. After all, it really was the most outrageous fun, wasn’t it?

To promote the book he tours Europe with the John Cale trio (with Mark Deffenbaugh & Lance Doss, starting at St Davids Hall, Cardiff - January 16.

He does a series of readings from the book, presented in conjunction with US DJ Adam Dorn culminating in a series of four multimedia events London's Institute of Contemporary Arts called Dead Agents.

Promo photo by Eva Vermandel

Dead Agents

Dead Agents is a four day mixed-media presentation at London's ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) - (April 24/26/27/28). It includes live footage of the John Cale Trio in Prague, an exhibition of b&w photos taken by Eve Vermandel, readings by Cale from his autobiography What's Welsh For Zen, a collaboration with American DJ Adam Dorn, and readings of selected lyrics from his back catalogue. The new piece Dead Agents is based on the book Between Silk and Cyanide by former Special Operations Executive (SOE) Leo Marks. Astrid Williamson handled the backing vocals for Dead Agents. Each night ended with the screening of a film.

Die Jungfrau

Compose the soundtrack for Die Jungfrau (aka "The Virgin") by Austrian director Diego Donnhofer.

Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas' Poetry in Edinburgh

In April Cale's settings for three poems by Dylan Thomas are performed at the Flux Festival, Edinburgh: If I Were Tickled by the Rub of Love, In My Craft or Sullen Art and Lament.

Close Watch

Close Watch

Island releases another compilation album: Close Watch - An Introduction To John Cale. All the tracks are remastered.

Roddy Frame covers Cale

Roddy Frame covers Thoughtless Kind on his cdep Sister Shadow.

Silent Shadows on Cinemaroc Island

Cinemaroc Island

Plays sonics on Jack Smith's Silent Shadows on Cinemaroc Island album. The sessions for this album were in 1962-1964.

Bourbonitis Blues

Escovedo's Amsterdam

Alejandro Escovedo covers Amsterdam on his Bourbonitis Blues album.

Yet another Buffalo Ballet

Swiss rock group The Raymen cover Buffalo Ballet on their Lucifer's Right Hand Men album.

The Unknown

The Unknown

Release of The Unknown soundtrack. Originally commissioned by The Giornate del cinema muto de Pordenone in 1994.

Yet another Close Watch

English group Dream City Film Club cover (I Keep A) Close Watch on their Stranger Blues album.



Produces desert station frequency, an album by the American band Ventilator. Evan Blackstone on how he got in touch with Cale

"Unbeknown to me, a mutual friend in the UK had sent John a CD of various sketches and raw tracks Ventilator had been workin on. I got home one afternoon to find a message on my recorder. 'Evan, this is John Cale. I really like what you guys do and I think we shoud chat.' I waited a day or so trying to compose myself, then made the call. We spent about an hou on the phone discusssing my abstract way of recording with unconventional instruments."

No King is included on the Conflict & Catalysis: Productions & Arrangements 1966-2006 compilation album (2012).

Bleecker Street-Greenwich Village

Bleecker Street

Cover of Leonard Cohen's So Long, Marianne on the folk tribute album Bleecker Street-Greenwich Village in a duet with Suzanne Vega.

Le Vent de la Nuit

Le Vent de la Nuit

Release of Le Vent de la Nuit soundtrack.

Directed by Phillipe Garrel. Starring Catherine Deneuve.

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