John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

Timeline: 1984

Caribbean Sunset

Caribbean Sunset

Release of the Caribbean Sunset album.

"The songs on Caribbean Sunset are pretty tight. Model Beirut recital is sort of idiosyncratic. It sort of lurches along well-intentionally...the worst thing about the album is that some of the songs might sound cute. Maybe i'm a balladeer and not a rock'n'roller.

Like Music for a New Society this one was improvised too, except for Damn Life.... you just sit down and turn the machine on and off you go. Bob's your uncle. If you're lucky you're lucky.... it's lighter than Society, closer to the pop textures of Slow Dazzle.... so all of them were done like that. All you had at the end was a dismembered texture, you didn't have like a basic at all. It all evaporated into different.... one part would have nothing to do with another. Model Beirut Recital is a pretty considered effort to deal with an obnoxious subject in a passionate, sympathetic way. That laconic edge had to be there. Singing with an Arab accent, poking fun at it....Villa Albani is about financing arms deals through the Vatican.... I'm more direct because i have more fun doing it.... Praetorian Underground is a pretty angry kinda song about the Velvet Underground copyists....""

A re-release of this album was planned for 2001, including the instrumental version of Villa Albani and She Never Took No For An Answer (which can be found on the Sid & Nancy soundtrack), but this was cancelled for unknown reasons.

Dead or Alive video

The rather morbid video for Dead or Alive was directed and produced by Michael Branton and Joe Ohliger III. Also features his then wife Risť Irushalmi.

Sixteen Candles

Produces the Sixteen Candles soundtrack, a movie directed by John Hughes. Tracks: 16 Candles, Hang up the Phone, Geek Boogie, Gloria and If You Were Here.

Ooh la la

Ooh La La

The single Ooh La La / Magazines is released in september. The A-side contains "skipping". It fails to chart.

Comes Alive

Comes Alive

Release of Comes Alive, recorded at The Lyceum, London - February 26, 1984. Contains two studio tracks: Ooh La La and Never Give Up On You.

This album was never released on CD. One of the album's tracks, I'm Waiting For The Man, can be found on the Seducing Down The Door compilation.



Cale plays on two tracks of VU, an album with Velvets outtakes:

  1. Stephanie Says
  2. Temptation Inside Your Heart.

This is not the so-called lost Velvets album, although a lot of cricics thought so. They fell for the marketing of the record company.

Gene Loves Jezebel

In October Cale is in the studio with the British new wave band Gene Loves Jezebel. These sessions remain unreleased. They were his opening act during a tour in the UK.

Cale playing Rockpalast 1984

Second Rockpalast concert

Cale is one the performing artists on October 14 in Essen at the Grugahalle for the long running Rockpalast series, live concerts filmed by German television. He performs with the 1984 touring band.

The concert has been re-broadcasted many times and was widely bootlegged before finally getting an official release in 2010 as part of the Live At Rockpalast set.

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