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POPtical Illusion

POPtical Illusion

About this album

Released on June 14, 2024. Domino Records. CD, 2LP, limited 2LP. The vinyl version has a different mix of the Shark-Shark track and does not include All Too Good. Customers who buy the 2LP will be able to hear the original version on the LP only and will also have access to the new version via the Download card and the omitted track.

Tracks (CD):

  1. God Made Me Do It (don't ask me again)
  2. Davies and Wales
  3. Calling You Out
  4. Edge of Reason
  5. I'm Angry
  6. How We See The Light
  7. Company Commander
  8. Setting Fires
  9. Shark-Shark
  10. Funkball the Brewster
  11. All To The Good
  12. Laughing In My Sleep
  13. There Will Be No River

Japanese bonus tracks (CD):

The Japanese version will have two bonus tracks:

  1. Running Out
  2. Invention of Language

Tracks (2LP):

Side A:

  1. God Made Me Do It (don't ask me again)
  2. Davies and Wales
  3. Calling You Out

Side B:

  1. Edge of Reason
  2. I'm Angry
  3. How We See The Light

Side C:

  1. Company Commander
  2. Setting Fires
  3. Shark-Shark (vinyl mix)

Side D:

  1. Funkball the Brewster
  2. Laughing In My Sleep
  3. There Will Be No River
Cover art for the POPtical Illusion limited vinyl version with bonus 7" inch and twirling paper

Extra tracks on the limited edition 2LP:

The limited 2LP (1000 copies) edition of the 2LP is released on pink & mink transparent vinyl. It comes with an illusionary twirling paper Objet and a bonus 7" single with two tracks:

  1. Beethoven In The Old West
  2. News Of Nicholas
POPtical Illusion illusionary twirling paper

John Cale: vocals, keyboards

Other credits:
Producers; John Cale, Nita Scott
Artwork: Bjorn Copeland
Paper engineering: Kelli Anderson
Design: Rob Carmichael, SEEN


Still from the How We See The Light video

How We See The Light

On March 26, 2024 the first single is released: How We See The Light. The video was directed by Pepi Ginsberg.

Still from the Shark-Shark video


On May 8, 2024 the Shark-Shark single is released as the second single from the album. The video was directed by Abigail Portner.

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