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Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

Timeline: 2012

The Velvet Underground & Nico

Velvets sue the Andy Warhol Foundation

On January 11 The Velvet Undrground sued the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts for licensing the iconic banana image from The Velvet Underground & Nico album for commercial purposes such iPad covers and such.

"The symbol has become so identified with the Velvet Underground … that members of the public, particularly those who listen to rock music, immediately recognise the banana design as the symbol of the Velvet Underground."
Sport de Filles

Sport de Filles

Composes the soundrtrack for Sport de Filles, directed by Patricia Mazuy. They collaborated before when he wrote the score for Saint-Cyr in 2000. also includes the track Pile A L’Heure from Extra Playful.

New song "Cry" in Genk

Cale performed Cry, a new song, C-minecultuurcentrum, Genk, Belgium - March 12. This show also marked the live debut Bluetooth Swings and The Hanging, the bonus tracks from the Black Friday edition of Extra Playful.

Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood

New solo album "Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood"

A new full-length, Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood, on Double Six, an imprint of Domino Records, is released on October 1st Songs include Vampire Café, Scotland Yard, and The Flying Dutchman, a song he wrote on the viola. Most of the recording happened in a tiny studio he owns in Los Angeles.


  1. I Wanna Talk 2 U
  2. Scotland Yard
  3. Hemmingway
  4. Face To The Sky
  5. Nookie Wood
  6. December Rains
  7. Mary
  8. Vampire Cafe
  9. Mothra
  10. Living With You
  11. Midnight Feast
  12. Sandman (Flying Dutchman)
"Some songs I wrote with a Fender Telecaster, some with bass and some with a bunch of keyboards and put some back-up singers and horns on there. I've dressed up the turkey a little bit."

A statement published on his website on March 20:

As many of you have heard from John’s recent press statements - the new album’s release has been pushed to the Autumn. This is a very good thing!

Although the album is finished - we’ve run into a series of deadlines that simply don’t make good sense for releasing the album without giving it the proper due.

Domino have asked for the extra time to set things up to a high standard. It's refreshing to be with a label that actually cares about its Artists and the Art. For this reason, we feel this is a positive direction and one we support.

We’ll adjust the concert dates to make way for quite a lot of touring with the album (we’ll move the one’s that are moveable and we’ll play the dates that can’t be moved). We’ll have many ‘goodies’ to share whilst we wait for the album’s release — just keep your eyes here for the ONLY place to get accurate info.

Oh, and before I forget — John says a big thanks and huge laughs at the B-Day Tributes !! ALL GOOD STUFF as he put it!

Stay tuned ——- !

Double Six, his record label, posted this on June 7th::

It’s with great honour that Double Six announces the release of John Cale’s new album, released on gatefold heavyweight vinyl, CD and digital on October 1st 2012.

Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood is a title to set tongues wagging and minds wondering, but for an album that seems born of a return to John’s youth it seems safely apt in its mischievousness.

Shifty Adventures… is the result of sessions held at Cale’s LA studio. Days were spent experimenting with MPCs, pounding fists onto pianos, manipulating glitches and lots of signature viola drone while patiently waiting for songs to reveal themselves. There was also a spontaneous session with Danger Mouse to create the opening track I Wanna Talk 2 U.

As a producer Cale has reached a new plateau on this record. At the albums most maximal, it feels like looking at a collection of precious stones. Myriads of differently coloured and textured surfaces carefully placed together, each finding their own space to beckon the ear. It’s a blend of chaos and beauty in equal measure and a testament to the exploratory spirit at work, which ensures there’s always something new to the ears on a John Cale record.

John Cale: Conflict & Catalysis: Productions & Arrangements 1966-2006

John Cale: Conflict & Catalysis: Productions & Arrangements 1966-2006

Big Beat releases John Cale: Conflict & Catalysis: Productions & Arrangements 1966-2006.


  1. Venus In Furs - The Velvet Underground
  2. I Wanna Be Your Dog - The Stooges
  3. In Excelsis Deo / Gloria - Patti Smith
  4. Afraid - Nico
  5. Pablo Picasso - The Modern Lovers
  6. Who Is That Saving Me - Harry Toledo & The Rockets
  7. Re-Bop - Marie Et Les Garţons
  8. Disco Clone - Cristina
  9. Italian Sea - Chunky, Novi & Ernie
  10. No King - Ventilator
  11. Sex Master - Squeeze
  12. Take Your Place - Alejandro Escovedo
  13. Kuff Dam - Happy Mondays
  14. Runaway Child (Minors Beware) - The Necessaries
  15. Omnes Gentes Plaudite (The Drinking Song) - Mediaeval Baebes
  16. Needles For Teeth - The Jesus Lizard
  17. Scorch - Goya Dress
  18. Dallas - Lio
  19. Tearing Apart - Siouxsie & The Banshees
  20. Spinning Away - Brian Eno and John Cale
"as a producer, you've got to be a catalyst, an ally, a co-conspirator. sometimes you need to introduce conflict.' - john cale in his autobiography. film directors have always been lionised by their industry and by fans who made household names of ford, hitchcock and spielberg. record producers, on the other hand, have by-and-large laboured in near-anonymity outside the music business and the most devoted of followers. to help remedy that situation ace have instigated their producers series, focusing on the studio output of jack nitzsche, jerry ragovoy, kim fowley, phil spector, brian wilson, martin hannett and other visionaries who lived to bring the sounds in their heads to the grooves of a record. another master of the art was john cale, whose work as a producer and arranger they spotlight on this 75-minute 20-tracker. far from anonymous as a cutting-edge performer, cale has enjoyed a lower profile in his parallel role as a producer throughout his lengthy career. spanning 40 years, our collection includes everything from the proto-punk of the stooges and modern lovers to left-field pop princesses lio and cristina. compilation and notes by mick patrick and neil dell."

Available for pre-order through Rough Trade and

Extra Playful: Transitions 12"

Extra Playful: Transistions 12" remix for Record Store Day

Domino Records have announced a John Cale remix 12" for Record Store Day. Fact Magazine has more details:

The most immediately appealing of the bunch is probably the John Cale remix 12" pressed on white vinyl with packaging designed by Satomi. Three tracks from Cale’s recent Extra Playful EP are remixed by Maria Minerva, Actress and Alva Noto, and appear alongside two tracks inspired by Cale, Leyland Kirby’s ‘Watching & Waiting For You To Begin’ and Tim Hecker’s ‘Suffocation Raga For John Cale’.


A1. ‘Whaddya Mean By That’ – Maria Minvera's Freaky Cafe Del Mar Mix
A2. ‘Perfection’ – Actress Reflection Mix
A3. ‘Catastrofuk’ – Alva Noto Remodel
B1. ‘Watching & Waiting For You To Begin’ – Leyland Kirby
B2. ‘Suffocation Raga For John Cale’ – Tim Hecker

John Cale: I Wanna Talk 2

New single "I Wanna Talk 2", "Welcome To Nookie Wood" video

On July 6th the new single, I Wanna Talk 2 U, is released officially. It's the opening track of Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood. A promo video - Welcome To Nookie Wood - features a bit of the song.

Face to the Sky b/w Living With You (Organic Mix)

Face to the Sky b/w Living With You (Organic Mix)

On August 29 another digital single release: Face To The Sky b/w Living With You (Organic Mix). Both tracks, one of them a remix, from the new album Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood. On vinyl as of September 7.

Face to the Sky video)

On August 30 a promo video for Face To The Sky single is put up on YouTube. Director: Tom Scholefeild (a.k.a. Kon Om Pax).

VU & Nico 45th anniversary deluxe edition

The Velvet Underground & Nico - 45th anniversary deluxe edition

6CD box set celebrating the 45th anniversary of the release of The Velvet Underground & Nico.

Disc 1 and 2 contain the stereo and mono versions of the album, augmented with alternate mixes and singles. Disc 3 has the Nico album Chelsea Girl (1969). Disc 4 contains the Norman Dolph acetate that surfaced in 2002. It has alternate versions of the songs recorded at Scepter Studios in 1966, plus rehearsals taped at the Factor. Disc 5 and 6 contain a live concert recorded during an Exploding Plastic Inevitable show at the Valleydale Ballroom in Columbus, Ohio, on November 4, 1966. Part of this show was included on Peel Slowly and See box set.

Nobody But You cover

The Abigails cover Nobody But You.

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