John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

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About this album

Released in 2003. EMI 5917112 (2004 in America).


  1. Zen
  2. Reading My Mind
  3. Things
  4. Look Horizon
  5. Magritte
  6. Archimedes
  7. Caravan
  8. Bicycle
  9. Twilight Zone
  10. Letter From Abroad
  11. Things X
  12. Over Her Head

Contains a hidden track:

  1. Set Me Free (live)
Thank you for taking the time to read the small print, your diligence has paid off. This album contains a hidden track called Set Me Free. To access it, put the album in your player, press play, then rewind (not skip), so you go before track 1 for 4.30. Bingo!

The Japanese edition contains three bonus tracks:

  1. Where the Creepyboyz Sing
  2. Reading My Mind (Paisley Sound Remix, later included on the Perfect single)
  3. Set Me Free

John Cale: keyboards, guitars, electric viola, viola, vocals, backing vocals, samples, bass, harmonium
Andy Green: guitar, samples, additional production
Erik Sanko: bass, slack dulmicer
Joe Gore: guitar
Emil Miland: cello
Ryan Coseboom: samples
Count: drum loops, samples
Marco Giovino: drums, percussion
Roberto, Daniele, Alba Clemente, Giovani: Italian voices
Lance Doss: guitars, backing vocals
John Kurzweig: guitars
Joel Mark: guitars, bass
Jeff Eyrich: bass
Bill Swartz: drums
Eden Cale: spoken words
Dimitri Tokovoi: samples
Brian Foreman: bass
Shelley Harland: samples
Lisa Bielawa, Elizabeth Farnum, Alexandra Montana, Gayla Morgan: atonal voices
Drum loop on Bicycle courtesy of Brian Eno
Giggles: Darla & Irial Eno
Megaphone and monster toys on Things X courtesy of Nick's tour-ture chest

Other credits:
Producers: John Cale and Nick Franglen
Art direction and design: Rick Myers
Cover photo: Jon Shard
Mixed at Eden Studios, London, United Kingdom
Recording engineer: Andy Green
Mix engineer: Cameron Jenkins
Additional recording engineers: Brian Deck, Michael 'Count' Eldridge
Additional mix engineer: Michael Eldridge
Executive producer: Nita Scott

© 1999- Hans Werksman