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23 Solo Pieces For La Naissance De L'Amour

23 Solo Pieces For La Naissance De L'Amour

About this album

Released in 1993. Les Disques du Crépuscule TWI 954-2.


  1. La Naissance De L'Amour I
  2. If You Love Me No More..
  3. And If I Love You Stll...
  4. Judith
  5. Converging Themes
  6. Opposites Attract
  7. I Will Do It, I Will Do It
  8. Keep It To Yourself
  9. Walk Towards The Sea
  10. Unquiet Heart
  11. Waking Up To Love
  12. Mysterious Relief
  13. Never Been So Happy (... in lonely streets)
  14. Beyond Expectations
  15. Conversation In The Garden
  16. La Naissance De L'amour II
  17. Secret Dialogue
  18. Roma
  19. On The Dark Side
  20. La Naissance De L'Amour III
  21. Eye To Eye
  22. Marie's Car Crash & Hotel Rooms
  23. La Naissance De L'Amour IV

All compositions written and performed by John Cale

Cale wrote a short text for the album.

Other credits:
Producer: Jean-Michel Reusser
Mastering: Jean-Pierre Chalbos & Jean-Pierre Bouquet at Digipro France
Original grand piano recordings by Daniel Deshays assisted by Olivier Dohuu at Dividis, Paris, France
Editing, pre-mastering and treatments by Charles Van der Elst at TakLab Studio

© 1999- Hans Werksman