The Velvet Underground in 1993
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

Timeline: 1993

The Velvet Undergound in 1993

Velvets reunion tour

The reformed Velvet Underground tour Europe. They support U2 on a couple of dates.

Lou Reed wants to be the boss (again). It doesn't last. US dates and a planned MTV Unplugged special never happen. Cale and Reed exchange unfriendly faxes, and once again the Velvets are history. For good this time.

Velvets live

"There was a sudden feeling that whatever was happening for the three others was certainly different from what was happening for Lou. This was not a band. Moe, God bless her, looks at all this and laughs and says, "This is all boy stuff." Which in a way it is, she's absolutely right. But I had certain principles which I wasn't prepared to turn my back on. It was the end of a very fruitful relationship. A poisoned one - but it had been fruitful."
Velvet Underground Amsterdam 1993-06-08 ticket stub

The Walkabouts cover Buffalo Ballet

American folkrock group The Walkabouts cover Buffalo Ballet on their Satisfied Mind album.

Medium Rare

You Know More Than I Know on Medium Rare

The live version of You Know More Than I Know from the More Fragments and Heartbreak Hotel CDEPs is included on Medium Rare, 10th Anniversary sampler of the Rykodisc label.



The album Live MCMXCIII, recorded live at the Olympia in Paris, France (June 15, 16 & 17), captures the reformed Velvet Underground in concert. Also exists as a one CD edition.

Includes one new song, written by Cale and Reed: Coyote.

Velvet Redux

Velvet Redux Live MCMXCIII

Filmed at l'Olympia, Paris, France (June 15, 16 & 17), the official live video elvet Redux Live MCMXCII is a straight forward reproduction of the Velvets during the 1993 reunion tour. Executive producer was Sylvia Reed, who made sure that her husband was shown a lot in this one. Cale sings Femme Fatale and I'm Waiting For The Man. Tucker and Morrison get very few close-ups.

Re-released on DVD in 2006.

Music For A New Society

In The Library of Force

The cd re-issue of Music For A New Society contains one extra track: the outtake In The Library of Force.


Produces the Caged/Uncaged album, which features readings by John Cage and music by David Byrne, Debbie Harry, Arto Lindsay, Ars Hell and Mutt, Naked City, Chris Stein, Amy Denio, David Weinstein and Shelly Hirsch, Ann Magnuson and John Cale, Jello Biafra and Eugene Chadbourne, Lou Reed, Elliott Sharp, Joey Ramone.

23 Solo Pieces For La Naissance De L'Amour

23 Solo Pieces

Soundtrack for 23 Solo Pieces For La Naissance De L'Amour.

Cale wrote a short text for the album: Letting the piano breathe ....

From "Marble Index"... to "Desert Shore"... to "Cicatrix Interieure"... to Japan-Australia... 1993... Halt in Cannes... R&R... Food poisoned... Let the eyes breathe Matisse's Mediterranean Light... Paris during the Elections... Drama of well-disguised motives... (Is this the beginning of war?)... Police identity checks... Straight to Mag... letting the piano breathe... "Do you know Philippe?", "Oh yes. Nico introduced us in New York '68, but I don't know him. It's just that I have seem to have "not-known-him" for a very long time!"
Chance Operation

Cage Tribute

Release of Chance Operation, a tribute to avant garde composer John Cage. Cale plays In Memoriam John Cage - Call Waiting.

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