John Cale perfroming the 2 Meter Sessie
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

Timeline: 1996

At the Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Long overdue, The Velvet Underground are inducted by Patti Smith into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland on January 17.

Performs Last Night I Said Goodbye To My Friend with Lou Reed and Moe Tucker, a tribute to Sterling Morrison, at the induction ceremony.

Gone Again

Smith again

Plays organ on the track Beneath The Southern Cross on Patti Smith's Gone Again album.

Smith was invited to return the favor and play on Cale's Walking on Locusts album, but this never happened.

The Island Years

Island Years

Island releases a double cd The Island Years. This collection contains almost the full body of songs recorded for the label in 1974 and 1975: the albums Fear, Slow Dazzle and Helen Of Troy, and a bunch of b-sides and previously unreleased outtakes.

Rhinoceros Hunting In Budapest

Managing a Rhinoceros

Plays the manager of a stripper named Lola in Rhinoceros Hunting In Budapest, a movie also featuring Nick Cave. Cale wrote the soundtrack. Written and directed by Michael Haussman.

In Their Own Words, Vol.2

Acoustic Paris 1919

Plays an acoustic version of Paris 1919 on the In Their Own Words, Vol. 2 album, recorded live at The Bottom Line, New York, March 24, 1994.

John Cale about to record his piano part for Violence for the Marc Almond album Fantastic Star - April 18, 1994 photo: Jo Dawkins

Marc Almond

Plays piano on Love To Die For on his Fantastic Star album.

The album's producer Mike Thorne also mentions Come In Sweet Assassin, Sacrifice, and Violence.

Marc Almond - Fantastic Star
"John Cale has left messages both at home and at studio. Sounds concerned. Maybe he's really messed up his schedule (hed been asking to shift the date already). Call him. 'I haven't listened to the tape.' That's the least of his worries, and I tell him so. 'Just get over and I'll give you the chord sheet.' After producing an album for him twelve years earlier, I know that's a good place to have him, edgy and spontaneous, under threat and having to be brilliant NOW. As he can be. He arrives earlier than required. Still edgy but very friendly."

Unplugged session Dutch radio

Records Close Watch, Some Friends and Set Me Free for 2 Meter Sessies, a Dutch radio program - August 5. The double cd Het beste uit 10 jaar 2 Meter Sessies, released in 1997, contains only Close Watch.

On stage with Patti Smith

Patti Smith yet again

Joins Patti Smith on stage at a show at the Shepherds Bush Empire, London, August 7, to play bass on Land and Gloria.

>Goya Dress - Rooms

Producing and playing piano for Goya Dress

Produces the Goya Dress' album Rooms. He mixed four songs: Rooms, Greatest Secret, Katie Stood On The Benches and The Maritime Waltz . Plays piano on one track - Scorch. The Glorious ep contains a few non-album tracks. Singer Astrid Williamson:

"The sessions for the album seemd to mover very fat. It drove me nuts I think I shouted of possibly cried about it. Then John caught me red-handed trying to redo a vocal, 'Katie Stood On The Benches'. 'Aargh, Astrid, you wouldn't be you if you didn't do this stuff.' Horrifying."

Scorch is included on the Conflict & Catalysis: Productions & Arrangements 1966-2006 compilation album (2012).

Walking On Locusts

Walking On Locusts

Releases his Walking On Locusts album, his first rock album since 1985. A lot a famous musicians lend a hand, including David Byrne, David Soldier and Maureen Tucker. Nevertheless the album receives poor reviews.

Cale quotes used for the press release:

"The album evolved from being on the road with New York City's Soldier String Quartet, every room we played needed to be rewired to facilitate a string quartet, so during those boring sound-checks we wrote some new songs. A lot of the other albums i've done were improvised in the studio, so they have this tension-filled aspect. I didn't edit too much of this album from where it started.

My songs are always about something, its almost obsessive. I'd like to write a song that's not about anything but inevitably there's something didactic that happens. I'd probably write better songs if it weren't for that.

Dancing Undercover has that loopy kind of fiddle playing you put on top of a song which gives it a slinky, sexy sound and Crazy Egypt is about a woman in Louisiana who sells antiques and whose prime directive is to rip people off. The song came together easily. I had a bass line for the song so i called up David Byrne. He came along and played guitar on top of it, and then i wrote the words. It was very painless.

Set Me Free is the least arranged song and because of that it's very simple, Entre Nous is autobiographical, it's about me being at the center of many different situations at once.

Some Friends was originally just a chunk of music that was moody and drifted around. I was going to use it for a film soundtrack, then i turned on the tape and started writing the words using onomatopoeia. In the end it was just about Sterling. I was glad that song happened because it resolved a lot of things in my head.

I used musicians judiciously, anyone willing to step out of the box a little is worth their weight in gold, then you don't have to tell them what to play."
Cale on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

"Dancing Undercover" on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Performs Dancing Undercover on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (September 25) to promote the Walking On Locusts album. BJ Cole on pedal steel.

Maids of Gravity

Maids of Gravity

Produces and mixes the album The First Second and the single Half Awake by the American group Maids of Gravity.

I Shot Andy Warhol

I Shot Andy Warhol

Contributes the I Shot Andy Warhol Suite to the soundtrack of I Shot Andy Warhol.

Charlie Rose show

Discussing Warhol on the Charlie Rose show

John Cale appears on the Charlie Rose show, May 24, 1996:

First, Senator John McCain, a former prisoner of war and current member of Congress talks about politics in America and his relationship with Bob Dole. Then, New York Times film critic Janet Maslin, October Films managing executive Bingham Ray, and Newsweek magazine's, David Ansen discuss the recent Cannes film festival, which notably included the films Secrets and Lies and Kansas City. Finally, Mary Harron, writer and director of I Shot Andy Warhol, John Cale, a member of Velvet Underground, and Robert Rosenblum, a professor of fine arts at New York University, discuss the famous artist, Andy Warhol, who combined art with pop culture and continues to captivate America years after his death.


Release of the soundtrack of Basquiat. Cale wrote the score for this film. Soundtrack includes his version of Hallelujah.

10 Percent


One track - Dying On The Vine - on a double cd 10 Percent dedicated to the American cultwriter William S. Burroughs.

Les Nouvelles Polyphonies Corses

Producing in paradise

Produces the album In Paradisu by Les Nouvelles Polyphonies Corses.

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