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Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale


I Shot Andy Warhol

I Shot Andy Warhol

About this album

Released in 1996. TAG Recordings 92690-2.

The I Shot Andy Warhol Suite is the only Cale composed track.


  1. I Shot Andy Warhol Suite

Director Mary Harron:

"I hadn't seen John Cale for a while, but I asked him to score I Shot Andy Warhol. Lou Reed had already said we couldn't use any Velvet Underground songs in the movie because he hated Valerie Solanas, so I asked John, who actually wasn't speaking to Lou at that point anyway. Everything he wrote was so European, and elegiac, and tragic. So I had to ask him to make it more American. Some of his strings were just too dark. John goes into tragic European pretty easily."

Dave Soldier, Sara Parkins, Regina Carter, Matt Donner, Todd Reynolds, Judith Insell, Martha Mooke, Mark Deffenbaugh, Mark Stewart, Maya Biser, Mark Dressen and Kermit Driscoll.

Other credits:
Recorded at Sorcerer Sound, NYC, USA, 1995.

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