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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

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Released in 1985. Beggars Banquet BEGA 68.


  1. Everytime The Dogs Bark
  2. Dying On The Vine
  3. The Sleeper
  4. Vigilante Lover
  5. Chinese Takeaway (Hong Kong 1997)
  6. Song Of The Valley
  7. Fadeaway Tomorrow
  8. Black Rose
  9. Satellite Walk

All songs by John Cale and Larry Sloman, except Everytime The Dogs Bark and Vigilante Lover by John Cale, Larry Sloman and David Young.

John Cale: bass, guitar, keyboards, viola
Graham Dowdall: percussion
Gill O'Donovan: background vocals
Susie O'List: background vocals
David Young: guitar
James Young: keyboards

Other credits:
Producer: John Cale
Associate producer: David Young
Cover art and design: Dennis P. Nechvatal
Graphics: Abraxas Studio/Karin Preus
Recorded at Strongroom Studios, London, United Kingdom

Dennis Nechvatal, who did the cover for the album, did a painting live on the stage for the duration of a show at the Elvehjem Museum in Madison, Wisconsin, USA - April 17, 1991.

Dying On The Vine

Dying On The Vine single

Dying On The Vine b/w Everytime The Dogs Bark is released in the UK as a single on 7" and 12" in July 1985. Neither format becomes a bestseller.

Dying On The Vine / Everytime The Dogs Bark
7" 45rpm single. July 1985.
Beggars Banquet 145, UK 12" inch 45rpm. July 1985.
Beggars Banquet 145t, UK

Satellite Walk

Satellite Walk remix

A dance-remix of Satellite Walk created at Sigma Sound in New York by engineer and producer Carl Beatty was released as a 12" in the UK in 1985 in Germany in 1986, with Dying On The Vine and the otherwise unavailable instrumental track Crash Course In Harmonics on the B-side.

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