John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

Timeline: 1988


Duetting with Nico - sharing the billin Japan

Nico joins Cale on stage for Child's Christmas in Wales at a show at Le Palais des Beaux-Arts/Paleis voor de Schone Kunsten, Brussels, Belgium, March 24. Before that they shared the bill on a Japanese tour, Cale using Nico's band for a Velvets medley. James Young in his book Nico - Songs They Never Play On The Radio:

Nico and Cale did not get along well. He objected to her smoking in his presence. Then there were problems about the shows; Nico wanted to go on last; "This John Cale - who does he thinks he is? I'm a star too." But Cale was top of the bill. Though he had been booked with a group he'd turned up on his own at the end of a long solo tour. The Japanese were politely astonished at such a blatant breach of contract.

Nico dies

Former Velvets's chanteuse Nico dies on the Spanish island Ibiza, July 18th. She fell off her bicycle and died of cerebral haemorrhage.

Art Bergmann - Crawl With Me

Art Bergmann

Produces, plays keyboards and does some backing vocals on his Crawl With Me album.

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