John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

Timeline: 2019

Marissa Nadler: Poison

Duet with Marissa Nadler

He collaborates with Los Angeles based singer Marissa Nadler on her Poison single:

"Sometimes it's best not to know in advance; that's what I continually remind myself about how this duet with legendary songwriter John Cale came together. Had I known that Justin [Raisen] and Lawrence [Rothman] would arrange for Cale to sing "Poison" with me before I wrote or recorded it, I cannot be certain I wouldn't have become frozen with hesitations and second-guessing.

How do you even start to go about writing a duet with a member of the Velvet Underground? Surely I might have nervously changed the lyric that accidentally namechecks a title of a Velvet Underground song ("Run Run Run"), at the very least. For me, Cale is one of the most influential rock musicians, remaining admirably hard to pin down. His appearance on this song was a complete surprise to me, but the instant I heard it I knew that this was the way the song was meant to be heard."

"Sanities" misquouted in Watchmen TV series

A part of the final lines of Sanities are misquoted by fictional anti-villain Adrian Veidt in the fifth episode of the Watchmen television series: "I envision a stronger, loving world". This follows the same mistake by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons in their Watchmen comic in 1987.

With Cate Le Bon in Paris

John Cale (2018-1964): A Futurespective in Paris

He reprises the shows the 2018 John Cale (2018-1964): A Futurespective shows in Paris with a 3-night stand at the Philharmonie de Paris (September 23, 24 & 25, 2019). Welsh singer Cate Le Bon joins the band on stage for all three nights.

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