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Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

Timeline: 2015

Interview in Air France Magazine

John Cale in Air France Magazine

An extensive interview in the March issue of Air France Magazine. He is using a brand new piece of software for his new album:

"Itís seduction. Yeah, itís definitely seduction. I was seduced by this software and how it might help me achieve something greater than expected if I take the time to use it. Itís at my fingertips, promising to give me something extra. Technology has long been one of the most alluring elements in my daily routine. Iím a tech-junkie for certain. Itís embarrassing sometimes because I canít stand the idea of not having every iteration of advanced technological devices. Iím always baffled when people claim to be afraid of new technologyóI LIVE for it!"
The Velvet Underground & Nico

"The Velvet Underground & Nico" in Paris

On April 11 John Cale announced that he will re-imagine The Velvet Underground & Nico in its entirety at the Philharmonie de Paris on April 3, 2016.

He will be joined by special guests to help him out. No more specifics at this point.

John Cale @ the Whitney Museum of American Art

Whitney Museum of American Art

He performed at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York - April 24, 2015 - providing a live soundtrack during a screening of Andy Warhol's Empire. Of special note: Tony Conrad, a former collaborator in the days of the Theater of Eternal Music / The Dream Syndicate (1964-5) was also on the program, with the String Orchestra of Brooklyn.

Courtney Barnett - Kim's Garden b/w (I Keep A) Close Watch

Courtney Barnett covers "(I Keep A) Close Watch"

Australian singer Courtney Barnett covers (I Keep A) Close Watch. It's on the B-side of her Kim's Garden 12" (vinyl only release for Record Store Day).

"Signal To Noise" in Melbourne

He will debut his new work Signal To Noise at the Supersense: Festival of the Ecstatic at the Arts Centre Melbourne, Australia, on August 9. He is joined on stage by Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) and electronic wizard Laurel Halo.

Sam Beam and Ben Bridwell - Sing Into My Mouth

Sam Beam and Ben Bridwell cover "You Know Me More Than I Know"

Sam Beam and Ben Bridwell cover "You Know Me More Than I Know" on their Sing Into My Mouth album (July 17 on Black Cricket/Brown Records)

Close Watch video

Promo video for the new version of Close Watch. It will be included on the Music For A New Society + M:FANS album which will be released on January 22, 2016.

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