John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

John Cale setlists 1991

Cale in Madison 1991-04-17

Madison 1991-04-17

Live at Elvehjem Museum, Madison, Wisconsin, USA - April 17, 1991. Also features artist Dennis Nechvatal (who did the cover for Artificial Intelligence) doing a painting live on the stage for the duration of the show. Performs Dirge for the New Sunrise, based on a poem by British poet and critic Edith Sittwel about the horrors of Hiroshima.

Edith Sittwell


  1. Dirge For The New Sunrise
  2. On A Wedding Anniversary
  3. Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed
  4. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
  5. The Soul of Carmen Miranda
  6. Antarctica Starts Here
  7. Buffalo Ballet
  8. Child's Christmas in Wales
  9. Cordoba
  10. Darling I Need You
  11. Broken Hearts
  12. Chinese Envoy
  13. Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
  14. Dying On The Vine
  15. Heartbreak Hotel
  16. Forever Changed
  17. A Dream
  18. Style It Takes
  19. There Was A Saviour

Thanks: James Lindbloom

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