John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

New York in the 60s

Jack Smith - Les Evening Gowns Damnées: 56 Ludlow Street 1962-1964 Volume I

Les Evening Gowns Damnées

About this album

Released in 1997. Table of the Elements. TOE-CD-46

John Cale and Tony Conrad perform on the track Cold Starry Nights. Also included on the New York in the 1960s box set.


  1. Earthquake Orgy
  2. Love Is Strange
  3. Jack Smith reads from "The Great Moldy Triumph" on his 31st birthday
  4. Cold Starry Nights
  5. Tales of Francine
  6. The Second Dance of the Harem Mongos
  7. Les Evening Gowns Damnées

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