John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

New York in the 60s

Inside The Dream Syndicate Vol 1:
Day Of Niagara (1965)

Inside The Dream Syndicate Vol 1: Day Of Niagara 1965

About this album

Released in 2000. Table of the Elements TOE-CD-74.

Recorded April 25, 1965, New York.

John Cale: viola
Tony Conrad: violin
Angus MacLise: percussion
La Monte Young: saxophone
Marian Zazeela: voice

"These recordings are (part of) a library of effort that represented, for Tony and I at last, a labour of love. The power and majesty that was in that music is still on these tapes."

John Cale
"What I had learned first about John Cale was that he had written a piece which pushed a piano down a mine shaft. We hungered for music almost seething beyond control - or even something just beyond music, a violent feeling of soaring unstoppably, powered by immense angular machine across abrupt and torrential seas of pounding blood."

Tony Conrad


  1. Day Of Niagara (1965)

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