John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale




Where The Creepyboyz Sing

If you can tell me where the masked men roam
Where they the spiders that colonized the Moon
It was so cold when the Tzarina died
You had to be there in St Petersburg

You had so much time to say something
instead of running away - you can tell me now

This is the news from Gulag - the news from here

I tried to reach you in the twilight zone
And tell you all that was going on
You were the ghost in a forest fire
That stood with everything burning down

Shakespeare asleep in the back of the bus on tour
with an arrow stuck in his back in a worthless moment
in broad daylight we go live to the Ballroom
for the boxing match....this is the news....

I brought you water when you cried of thirst
To stop things going from bad to worse
A friend indeed when you needed it
(This is the news from here)

It's hurricane season - the humidity's high - watching
the lightening bolts crossing the sky - glad
you managed to find the proof - Mardi Gras's
here you can cut yourself loose......

About this song

Bonus track on the Japanese edition of HoboSapiens.

© 1999- Hans Werksman