Lyrics Things (original version) - John Cale
John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale



Elswhere in the temple the llamas are gearing up
To assault tiger mountain when the sun comes up

Deconstructing Hollywood into the sand
Putting it back together with a rubber band
Legendary failures of the silver screen
Mimicking the software they end up in

Doing it -(doing the things)
Doing it -(doing the things)
Things you do in Denver when you're dead

A month is a saturday wednesday is a week
I saw the way you nlooked at her Charlie Brown good grief
She pulled you into shadows and taught you how to love
Patted you on the head and gave you a gentle shove

The sexual exuberance of a concubine checking my carburettor one more time
With the passion of a thoroughbred and the sensitivity of a moose you
Rarely make a move unless you find some proof that i've been doing it
We sat around whispering in the candlelight
Missing the essentials of a game plan for the night
Learning about the difference between north and south
Keep your gun in yr pocket and your tongue in yr mouth

extra verse:

You live in Paris
I live in France
Things are expensive when you live 1st class
I learnt latin
You learnt greek
When you've got a minute
We'll meet in Crete

About this song

Obviously inspired by the movie Things to do in Denver when you're dead.
Yup, I am aware of the fact that these lyrics contain typos. However, they are copied from an original lyrics sheet. All the mistakes are Cale's. Can be found on the HoboSapiens album. Incidentally Things X from that album keeps these lyrics.

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