John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

Live and rare: "Bootleg" CD

Living In Moonlight

Living In Moonlight

About this bootleg cd


Caribbean Sunset - Model Beirut Recital: recorded live at Lone Star Cafe, New York, July 13, 1987.
Ghost Story - Buffalo Ballet: recorded live at Lone Star Cafe, New York, August 16 1987.


  1. Caribbean Sunset
  2. Magic & Lies
  3. Hungry For Love
  4. Living In Moonlight
  5. Child's Christmas in Wales
  6. Darling I Need You
  7. Dead Or Alive
  8. Guts
  9. Heartbreak Hotel
  10. Evidence
  11. Model Beirut Recital
  12. Ghost Story
  13. Ship Of Fools
  14. Leaving It Up To You
  15. Amsterdam
  16. Streets Of Laredo
  17. Child's Christmas in Wales
  18. Buffalo Ballet
  19. Myfanwy


Anybody having this cd and willing to do a copy, drop me a line.

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