John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend, John Cale

John Cale setlists 1981

New York 1981-10-24

Live at the Peppermint Lounge, New York, USA, october 24, 1981.

John Cale: vocals, guitar, keyboards
Jim Goodwin: keyboards, sax
Peter Muny: bass
Robert Medici: drums
Sturgis Nikides, guitar


  1. Flying Seagulls (about the death squads in El Salvador)
  2. Uncle Sam in Samoa
  3. Don't Let Me Down
  4. Evidence
  5. Streets Of Laredo
  6. All on Board (cut out)
  7. All on Board (cut in)
  8. Dr. Mudd
  9. Guts
  10. Mercenaries (Ready For War)
  11. Fighter Pilot
  12. Wilson Joliet
  13. Heartbreak Hotel
  14. Pablo Picasso (with Get It On teases)

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