John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

Cale quiz: the answers

1 No
It was Kevin Ayers who fucked Cale's wife the night before the June 1, 1974 concert.
2 Yes
It was the Honi Soit album. Cale didn't have a title. Andy Warhol knew the former Beatle and his wife quite well.
3 No
Garland Jeffreys compared Cale with the Mad Hatter, another Lewis Caroll character, in a poem on the sleeve of Vintage Violence.
4 Yes
The infamous chicken incident did happen in England. In Croydon, 1977.
5 Yes
Lou Reed thinks that Cale is incredible. He said so in an interview in 1976.
6 No
However, the soundtrack of Sid and Nancy does contain a Cale/Sloman track: She Never Took No For an Answer.
7 Yes
Cale is the flight surgeon on the Honi Soit album.
8 No
Cale plays on two Brian Eno albums. See for yourself in the John Cale as a guest musician section.
9 No
Cale played his final gig with the Velvet Underground in 1968 (or 1993 during the reunion tour).
10 Yes
The June 1, 1974 concert was at the Rainbow, London.
11 Yes
Sterling Morrison performed on Eat/Kiss. He played guitar on the world premiere in 1994 (no, he doesn't play on the record, trick question).
12 Yes
The Falklands Suite was performed for the first time in Amsterdam, in 1987.
13 No
Cale produced Patti Smith's Horses in 1975.
14 Yes
Mr. Wilson is a tribute to Brian Wilson. It's on the Slow Dazzle album.

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