John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale



Mary Lou

Oh, watch out, here comes Mary Lou
She thought she lived in a shoe
Everybody thought she was alright
She's all right, she's all right, she's all right

And her mother told her
Baby, its alright. all right, all right now
Oh Mary, watch out Mary, Mary Lou
Oh Mary, Mary, Mary Lou

Her brother's in the library
Reading about history
He couldn't read or write to well
But it's all right, all right
All right now
Oh Mary

Her father's in the government
Ended up as a fiercer man
Couldn't tell the difference between right and wrong
He's all right for a song
Oh Mary ...

About this song

Originally released on the compilation album Guts. Also on The Island Years compilation and the vinyl reissue of Helen Of Troy (2008).

© 1999- Hans Werksman