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Intro Drone
Heartbreak Hotel
Reading My Mind
Hey Ray
Save Us
Model Beirut Recital
Helen of Troy
Walking the Dog
Common Cold
Big White Cloud
Outta the Bag
Jumbo in tha Modernworld
Chinese Envoy
You Know More than I Know
Dancing Undercover
Buffalo Ballet
The Ballad of Cable Hogue
Dirtyass Rock 'n' Roll
E: Gravel Drive

Winterthur 2007-03-04

Salzhaus, Winterthur, Switzerland
Review by Dominik Dusek

A truly great concert. The first half rocked like hell, was loud and in parts dissonant. The second half was soothing and otherworldly with the climax of Buffalo Ballet in an arrangement that differed from Circus Live and was in my opinion far better.

The two concerts I'd seen in the last two years with this band were good but they were more or less chains of songs. This one seemed like one big journey through music. And Cale's voice was really astonishing, he changed voices, getting sharp, shrieking and then getting gentle again. I can't really say which songs were the best but I was especially pleased to hear Model Beirut Recital. Sold Motel and Outta the Bag even made the sort of lazy (or awestruck?) audience dance. And the "acoustic" part (starting with Chinese Envoy) was so moody that in the end everyone almost forgot how mean and noisy the evening had started out. Wow, wow & wow.

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