John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale


Question Time

Way back then there was an "official" Cale fan club "OPEN HOUSE", in 1994 members asked Cale the following nine questions.

Who was your manager after leaving the Velvet Underground?

Cale: I managed myself.

Is Jenni Muldaur who appears on ""Last Day On Earth" any relation to Geoff Muldaur, the backing vocalist on "Guts" from "Slow Dazzle"?

Cale: She is his daughter.

Did you actually appear on the "Chunky, Novi and Ernie" LP from 1974?

Cale: No. Arranger and co-production only.

Who played harmonica on the "Caged Heat" soundtrack?

Cale: Peter Ivers.

What's happened to the tapes of the studio jam with Mick Ronson & Ian Hunter?

Cale: They're in the vaults!

Have you ever completed a studio recording of "The Nine Lives Of Gordon Liddy" song cycle (performed live in 1980)

Cale: No.

What is the musical history of Alan Courtney - the guy who is credited as Helen Of Troy on the album of the same name?

Cale: Ask Brian Eno!

Who wrote the song "Living In Moonlight" which you performed in NYC in 1987?

Cale: Myself and "Ratso" Sloman.

What acting roles have you undertaken in recent years?

Cale: A neo-Nazi in The Equalizer, the lead in Franz Harland's The Houseguest and a minor role in Zoe Beloff's Alice in Wonderland.

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