The Velvet Underground in 1993
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

John Cale setlists 1993

The Velvet Underground in 1993

Paris 1993-06-26

Part of the Velvet Underground 1993 reunion tour. Live at Hippodrome de Vincennes, Paris, France - June 26, 1993.

John Cale: keyboards, vocals, bass, viola
Sterling Morrison: guitar
Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Maureen Tucker: drums, vocals


  1. Sweet Jane
  2. Venus In Furs
  3. Some Kinda Love
  4. All Tomorrow's Parties
  5. I'm Sticking With You
  6. Hey Mr. Rain
  7. Heroin
  8. White Light/White Heat
  9. Rock and Roll

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