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Sedition and Alchemy press release

This text was used as a press release for the Sedition and Alchemy biography by Tim Mitchell. Published by Peter Owen Publishers, March 2003.

Peter Owen Publishers are moving forward to May their publication of SEDITION AND ALCHEMY: A BIOGRAPHY OF JOHN CALE to coincide with a summer of Cale activities.

John Cale has contributed an exclusive, previously unheard song entitled îImitating Violin1 to the publisher who will issue the track in a separate limited edition release of SEDITION AND ALCHEMY.

The biography, written with the cooperation and collaboration of John Cale, incorporates interviews with important figures from all phases of Cale's career together with a detailed analysis of his albums, live shows and relationships with other artists including La Monte Young, Brian Eno and Lou Reed. Exhaustively researched, containing never-before-seen pictures of John Cale and the first full discography of Cale's work to date, SEDITION AND ALCHEMY is also the only biography of John Cale available.

Tim Mitchell is also the author of THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT JONATHAN, the definitive biography of former Cale associate Jonathan Richman.

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Book details:
Sedition and Alchemy: A Biography of John Cale
Tim Mitchell
Paperback Original
£14.95 (tbc)
Published June 2003
Isbn 0 7206 1132 6

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